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As people return to the social events that punctuate our lives, like weddings, confirmations, graduations, and even iconic gatherings like Fashion Week, demand is once again growing for quality catering to go with them. In Linden, NJ, a leafy bedroom suburb of New York City, one couple is embarking on their business dreams — Deane’s Kitchen Catering, a brand-new firm, with its own distinctive, special island flavor. Recently, I was invited to a taste-testing soiree at the home of Romeno and Tiyonna Deane, respectively the proprietor/head chef and general manager of this unique Black-owned small business. Walking past a gleaming…

In New York City, tomorrow is Primary Day, when the crowded field of candidates vying for Mayor, City Council, and the five borough presidencies (among other offices) gets tighter as voters select those who will make it to the general ballot. For registered Democrats in the Big apple, there’s something new this year, too: ranked-choice voting. Instead of choosing a single candidate, constituents can vote for all of them in order of preference. In theory, this gives new candidates (especially those seeking elective office for the first time), a better chance against established “machine” politicians with access to greater resources…

Sometimes, on the journey a gay man takes through life, the trip becomes the destination, and that’s certainly true for Joe Mannetti, an out actor, journalist, and LGBTQ community advocate. Joe, whose exploits have ranged from adult films to mental health outreach work and HIV awareness advocacy, has never sought the quick, easy path to recognition or notoriety. Yet, his swim-upstream approach has gained him distinction and a little bit of controversy, which he welcomes. “I’ve always tried to do the kind of work that has substance, and uplifts the community,” Joe reflects, “Not necessarily to always be in the…

Fashion is so closely identified in modern popular culture with the :GBTQ community, that highlighting its great gay designers seems almost an afterthought. From legends like Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani to modern trendsetters like Telfar Clemens, there’s one more name that must be added to any pantheon of great fashion icons. That’s Marco Hall, a Black, gay, self-taught clothier who has been bringing forth genuine magic from his gifted mind and hands. From a small, but fabulous boutique called MH302 in Newark, New Jersey, Marco is spinning dreams as quickly as his spirit can call them forth. “I create…

You can’t mention LGBTQ Pride Month without including one of its most perennial figures. That’s Tym Moss, actor, vocalist, journalist, producer, and gay New York city icon. Before the pandemic, you could go to Queens Pride and find him singing for the kids on the Main stage. The following week, in Park Slope at Brooklyn Pride, Tym might be hosting the show. Or maybe you took the ferry to Staten Island Pride and saw Tym doing his thing there. Or, you rolled uptown on the IRT subway, and oh, my God, it’s Tym again, this time performing for Bronx Pride

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In perhaps the most egregious example of the wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation now sweeping the country, Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has signed the deceptively-named Medical Ethics And Diversity Act into law. The measure, which gives doctors, nurses, EMTs, and other medical providers broad discretion to refuse care and treatment to LGBTQ+ patients, “if such care conflicts with their morals, ethics, or religious beliefs”, according to the bill’s language. Hutchinson praised the law as a way to “preserve [healthcare providers’] right of conscience” when choosing which patients doctors and hospitals choose to care for.

This means exactly what it implies…

National Guard troops secure the US Capitol on Friday/Nathan James photo

Picture it: an incumbent President who loses a fair, free, and legitimate election to his challenger refuses to accept defeat. For weeks, he tries to overturn the outcome in dozens of court cases but gets rebuffed by judges at every turn. Undeterred, the disgruntled leader tries to sway public opinion, and implores his Vice President to overturn the counting of the Electoral College votes in Congress. When his Veep demurs, citing the Constitution, the President Incites his followers to carry out a coup, storming the Capitol Building, killing and injuring the cops whose job it is to protect Congress, and…

Sixty years ago, President John F. Kennedy, inspired by the historic first space flights of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and American Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, Jr., addressed a joint session of Congress and challenged his countrymen to “achieve the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth”. It was a momentous proposal, made before it was truly known to be possible, with many of the materials needed yet to be invented, the computer science yet to be discovered. Historians put Kennedy’s vision down to the infamous Cold War

The scales of justice aren’t always even?Creative Commons

Indiana’s Attorney General, Curtis Hill, is arguing before the Supreme Court that same-sex parents of adopted or biological children should not appear on their birth certificates, because, in Indiana’s view, such entries should be reserved for straight couples only. At issue is last January’s lower court decision which held that the Hoosier State’s laws limiting who can be listed as a parent were unconstitutional. The AG wants the high court to reverse that ruling, effectively removing parental rights from same-sex parents, including the ability of both parents to speak for their child in hospitals, school enrollment, and as legal guardians.

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Here we are, just one week out from the most consequential presidential election since 1860. There appears to be no shortage of gay men who will not only vote against their own best interests, but against the rest of us in the LGBTQ+ community. In recent weeks, there have been very loud, very public “Trump Pride” rallies in cities like Tampa, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee, during which attendees have gathered to extol President Trump as an “ally” of gays, lesbians, and people of trans experience. Not content to merely hold rallies for Trump, they have taken to making baseless accusations

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Nathan James is an LGBTQ, journalist, playwright, and radio personality. Visit him on Facebook at, or on Twitter as @RealNathanJames

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